MAY 12th 2016

Review by: Metal Mom

Genre: Metal
Hometown: Abbotsford, BC

Release Date: May 27th

Band Members:
Alex Friis - vocals
DJ Temple - guitar
Ryan Loewen - bass
Matt Helie - drums

It has been 2 years now since the bands last EP "Reborn". After hitting the studio with new vocalist Alex and bass tracks recorded by Tristan Martin, live performance done by Ryan, the band is ready to unleash the latest "Mouichido". This is a re-release of re-recorded material from 2014 EP Reborn. Added to this EP is guest appearance by vocalist Mark Hunter of Chimaira (on tracks "In Waves').

Mouichido is a Japanese word meaning 'repeat' or 'to do one more time'. Appropriate name considering it signifies the re-release of a previous version of this record. Why? It was done on the advice of their legal team, to do with the new vocalist in order to avoid any possible legal action. Guitarist DJ Temple holds close ties to the Japanese culture so thought it was the perfect time to introduce those lines into their music.

With all the difficulty in the band with the old singer, they found the strength, and got past any stress to continue, so really this album is a symbolism for never giving up. If you are inspired to drive through the hard times, and some out a stronger more experienced person, then they have created something real.

After listening a few times, I could hear some influences in the music, like Lamb of God, Gojira, Cannibal Corpse, so if you are a fan of this time of music, then this EP is the one for you. The vocals here are extremely brutal, the drums blast out the beats and keep everything flowing, the guitar, has some great riffs here too, and let’s not forget the bass, which is kind of hard to really pin point, but you know it’s there to pull it all together.

These guys have been doing this for awhile, and since they are from my hometown, I can remember watching them belt out their songs at a tiny little venue, and at that time, they had an excellent response to their style and sound. I am sure that if they were to play there again, (sadly its gone), but played anywhere, people are going to be in awe and they will grab up this EP when it comes out later this month.  Make sure you grab yourself a copy.


There are 4 songs on this EP:
1. Worthless
2. In Waves
3. Burn
4. Morphine