DECEMBER 23rd 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Robert Säll from WORK OF ART, out of Stockholm, Sweden.
1. What made you decide to form a band back in 1992 with Herman ?

I think the love we shared for the same kind of music is what made us want to put together a band in the first place. We grew up in different area's of Stockholm and none of us had friends around that wanted to play melodic rock. So once we both got accepted into this high school of music were we met, we jump at the chance to finally form a band like Work Of Art.
2. How did you come up with WORK OF ART for a band name ?  What was the inspiration ?

We came up the band name during our first year together and I think it was our drummer Herman who suggested it. It was just a name to we thought sounded cool. We never meant it in a pretentious way or anything, we just liked the sound of it. We also considered naming the band Ms. Trouble after a Tower of Power tune but in the end, we went with Work of Art.
3. Tell us how the 3 of you came to be in the band ?

Lars Säfsund:
Lars had been friends with Herman since a couple of years before I met Herman. When we decided to form Work of Art, Lars was the obvious choice. Back then he used to be a keyboard player though so we still didn't have lead singer. I wasn't until Lars switched from keyboards to vocals when this band really took off.
Robert Säll:
For years, I had tried to form a band like Work of Art without any luck. My first attempt was with some friends from my neighbourhood. We called ourselves Jampack and we played many of the early Work of Art songs in this band. However, the style of music and my ambition didn't sit too well with rest of Jampack members so, as soon as I met Herman, I was out of that band.

Herman Furin:
Herman used to play in this jazz combo together with Lars but always dreamt of playing melodic rock. When we finally met, he, just like I, already had a bunch of songs written so it was easy for us to get this band going as we already had tons of songs written. The hard part for us was to find a lead singer who could sing these songs. It's not easy stuff to sing and when your around 16-17 years old, a lot of guys haven't developed that kind of voice yet.
4.  Melodic rock, how did you decide to pick that style over others ?

It is the style that we listened most to while growing up in the eighties. Having said that, when we met in the early nineties, this style of music was becoming very un hip in Sweden so it was hard to find people who still wanted to play in this style. But it also made us even more determined to form this band and prove everyone wrong he he  
5.  You have just released a new album called “Framework”, how did you come up with the title ?

Actually, we came up with the titles for the first three album while we were still in high school. We have stuck to this plan and this third album was supposed to be called "Piece of Work". But and American friend of ours pointed out that this is an expression usually used when you talk in a negative way about a person. So we decided to change it to Framework And the reason we chose this name was that we wanted to continue our tradition of having album names that refers to our band name.
6.  This is your 3rd album, what can people expect to hear on this one ?

Well, for anyone who heard our two previous albums, they will surely recognize the style of this album. We didn't want to strive too far from what we'd done in the past, instead we tried to combine the best elements of our first two album and make an even stronger record in the same style. By now, we have a fan base that expect a certain sound from us and our first priority is to make sure that we give the fans what they are expecting from us...and hopefully a little bit more!
7.  There are 11 tracks to enjoy, do you have a favourite out of those 11 songs ?  And why that one ?

My favourite track changes all the time but right now I really like "How Will I Know" because it's a track that to me turned out much better than I hoped for. We had to work a lot on this track in order to make it work but in the end, I think all that hard work turned out really good.
8. Who writes the lyrics, and is there some inspiration behind the writing ?

The lyrics are written by me with the help of some outside lyricist that helps me finish my lyrics whenever I run out of words. Lyrics are usually much harder for me to write than the music and usually the mood and style of the music will dictate what kind of lyrics I want to write for the song.
9.  I read that it has taken a year and a half to complete this album, why did it take that long to complete ?

Well, we all have a lot of stuff going on outside this band, other projects and gigs etc. And also, our singer Lars was ill for the better part of 2013 and couldn't really do any recordings but he is back 100% now so it's all good.  
10.  Cool image for the album cover, who designed it ?

It's a friends of ours named Mats Uneland and he actually took this photo from Empire State building in NYC and then turned this photo into what you see on the album cover.
11.  On Friday (Oct.3) in the USA you played the Melodicrock Fest in Chicago, how was that for you ?

It was an absolute treat! It was our first time playing the US so were really excited and it surely lived up to our expectations. The response from the crowd was amazing. Having said that, North America is still one of the tougher markets for this kind of music so it's quite rare to get a chance to come over and play. In Europe the melodic rock scene has really grown stronger in recent years so there are much more opportunities to play live here.
12.  That is a long trip for one show, was it worth it ?

Oh, for sure! Like I said, you have to take the few chances you're given if you want to come over and play in the US. Big kudos to Andrew McNiece from for arranging a festival like MelodicRockFest in Chicago, it's surely a brave move from his part.
13.  Will you be planning a tour to support your new album ?
Yes, we're gonna try to play as many live shows as possible. Even if the melodic rock scene is bigger here in Europe, it's still limited so there is just so many shows you can play but, we gonna take every chance we get.
14.  Where would you like to tour ?  A favourite place, or somewhere new ?

Of course, touring North America would be a dream come true but it's unlikely to happen. Also Japan and South America would be interesting. We've been getting a lot of great responses from those areas lately.
15.  What is the most important thing you have learned while being in Work of Art ?

Make sure that you truly enjoy what you are doing because the chances of you getting rich and famous are pretty slim. In other words, play music because you love music, not because you want to become a star.
16. If you had a day, where you didn’t have to think about the band, what would you be doing ?

Probably a computer geek hiding in some funky office somewhere.
17. Do you have a secret talent ?  What might that be ?

I wish I had but no.
18. If you had to live it all over again, would you still decide to be in Work of Art ? Or would you try something different ?

For sure but I wish that we had started to making records earlier. We are all now in our late thirties, early forties and we have a lot of responsibilities outside the band. Work, family children, other gigs etc. which sometimes makes it hard for us to fully commit to the band. But then again, everything happens for a reason and surely the quality of our records has benefited from the experiences with had prior to making the first record.
19. Is there anything that you would like to add to this interview that I might have missed asking, but you want people to know ?

Not really but I want to send a big thank you for everyone who supported the band up until now and who have been patience enough to wait for this new record to come out. Believe me, we know three years is a long time to wait but we sure hope it was worth the wait!

Thank you (Tack) for taking the time to do this interview here with us at METALTITANS, and we wish you all the success with your new album “Framework”.
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