MAY 7th 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper
Meet N Greet:

Venue: The Venue, Vancouver, BC
Date: May 7, 2014

I was so looking forward to this tour,and I was not disappointed. After the Meet and Greet at Scrape Records with Sabaton and Revamp, it was time to hit the lineup at the Venue, get in, and find my spot to critique the show.

First up tonight is Floor Jansen’s new band REVAMP.You know the voice well if you are a Nightwish fan, but with Revamp, there is a little more heavy to her voice. The talent shines in this band, and there were plenty on the floor enjoying her sing. There was a bit of mosh happening, but musically and with her vocals it almost demands a stop and take notice. This was the first time for them here on the west coast, and I am sure glad they made the trek so that we could all enjoy. Floor came out in a very elegant red dress, but was up front head whirling with the rest of the crowd. But make no mistake, it is just not Floor that makes up this band, all the members did an exceptional job performing. Well done. I see this band making great headway.

Next,well I will admit, this is who I came for, I have only had the chance to witness them once before, and at that time, I made the decision to never miss one of their shows, unless I was on my deathbed.Who you ask….well SABATON of course. There is no denying the endless energy, and enthusiasm they put out. If you expected 100% from Sabaton, well you got 200%. I swear they must loose a ton of weight with all that movement up there. Each and every song they choose had the crowd pumped, jumping , horns high, and just enjoying every second of their set. I also have to say that they are like no other, no band sounds like them, musically or in vocals. Making them a truly unique band. Even with the lineup change, these guys nailed it.  Look around the room, and you can see and hear people singing along (including me).  Talk about perfection. People standing next to me asked what Sabaton was like, and I just said “oh, you just have to wait, they are going to kick some butt“.  Later they came up and said , WOW!!! You were so right. I know for me, I was overjoyed, jubilant, gratified, captivated, and so much more, there is really no way to describe how you feel while Sabaton is playing, or after their set. But one thing for sure, it was NOT LONG ENOUGH…and I really hope that it won’t be long before they return, and maybe as a headliner, they have what it takes to do just that. Oh, and for something just a little out of the norm .. how about a short rendition of the song YMCA, yes, they did, and the crowd didn’t mind one bit.

Now for the headliner, and that would be …. ICED EARTH, I have seen these guys a few times now, and each time it just keeps getting better. They played a variety of songs tonight to the crowds pleasure. Definitely some mosh pit happenings. But more of a take notice kind of crowd too. Iced Earths band members know exactly what they are doing on stage, cranking out the best of the best songs for everyone to enjoy. It truly is fantastic to watch such a band play. Lots of people were singing along to their songs as well, maybe a little off key, but a showing of support for the band, whether it was the older songs, or new ones.  There is a lot of talent in this band, each and every member contributes equally, and it just shows in the quality and showmanship of the band. Trust me, everyone thoroughly was having a blast .

This show was one that had the right combination of bands, with the energy, songs, you name it, they nailed it down, each and every band. Yes, I did honestly enjoy each of them, but I do have to say SABATON, reigns supreme.  - SAB-A-TON , SAB-A-TON (chanting here) .