DECEMBER 5th 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here with Jeremy Brunner, guitarist from X-Drive out of Los Angeles, California. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1.  When did X-Drive establish themselves ?  

We're working on establishing ourselves right now. It's a brand new project.
2.  You are the founder of this band, so tell us how you came up with the name X-Drive ?  

I actually didn't come up with the name. Coming up with a name is so hard, everything has been done before you know? So Keith came up with the name X-Drive.
3.  What also made you decide on Rock as the genre you wanted to create ?  
I didn't choose it, it chose me. It's just the style I write it in I guess. I like all genres and I think that comes through on the record with songs like Change Of Heart that don't sound like anything else on the album. I grew up on Top 40 radio and was introduced to Van Halen later on so that obviously influenced me a great deal.
4.  Can you tell us how each of the members came to join you in X-Drive :

Keith St. John  (Vocals) - I'd actually never heard of him before. I was on the search for singer/songwriter, his name came up and I was put in contact with him through a mutual acquaintance. So I checked out the Burning Rain stuff, loved his voice, called him up and we started talking. Then I sent him some tracks and we started writing together.
James Lomenzo (Bass) - In the midst of working with Keith he joined Lynch Mob. James LoMenzo just so happened to be playing bass in Lynch Mob at the same time. I went to go see them play and struck up a conversation with James after the show. I sent him  the stuff me and Keith were working on and he was down.
Fred Fischer (Drums) - I'm from a small town in Oregon, and the closest place you can see shows that come through the area is Boise, Idaho. So every time I would go see one of my favorite bands play, Fred was in the opening band(s) and I thought he was a killer drummer. So we ended up working together on the X-Drive album.
5.  Who creates the lyrics for your music ?  And what kind of inspiration helps to produce those lyrics ?  

I have nothing to do with the lyrics. That's Keith's department. I write all of the music and Keith writes the lyrics/melodies. The way I see it is like the Van Halen relationship, Dave wrote all of the lyrics/melodies and Eddie wrote all the music. This would be a good question for Keith.
6.  Your album cover is a classic rock image, who did the artwork and where did the idea come from ?  
A good friend of mine named Matt Hedgpeth. He showed it to me and I loved it. I guess the idea came from his sick and twisted mind.

7.  “Get Your Rock On” the name of your debut album, who came up with that title ?  
One of the previous singers I worked with came up with that phrase and Keith and I really liked it.
8.  There are 12 rockin tracks on this album, was it an easy process to decide on which songs to put on ?  
There wasn't really a rhyme or reason, I had 40+ songs written and I guess the ones that ended up on the album were the ones I presented to other people first for whatever reason. Didn't really pick certain songs over the other for any particular reason.  
9.  Japan, has an extra 2 bonus tracks, why is that, why not put those also on the North American album? 

Actually the Japan release has only one bonus track, there was a misunderstanding and it got out in one of the press releases that there were two. Just to clarify there is one Digital Bonus track and one bonus track on the Japan release. I can't answer as to why they are not on the North American release as that was the label's decision.
10.  Who also came up with the names for the songs, because they are true and true rock titles ?  
That would be Keith. He writes all of the lyrics/melodies. (see answer to Question 5)
11.  What can people expect from your first album ?
I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here or anything, just straight ahead ass kicking rock music!
12.  Of the songs on your album, do you personally have a favorite, and why that one ?  

I love them all but I guess Change Of Heart is my favorite song. It's very melodic and I don't think it sounds like anything else on the record.  
13.  Who produced/mixed this for you ?
Andy Johns produced it, and mixed a version of California before his unfortunate passing. Wyn Davis mixed the rest of the album.
14.  How did you come to choose that person/studio to do the work for the album ?  
I went through a ton of different studios/engineers/etc before working with Andy. It was quite the learning experience.  
15.  When this album is released Aug 22(Europe), Aug 25(N.America), will you be touring in support ?   
I don't know what the future holds as far as a full blown tour as the other guys have their own bands and commitments and James is already on tour right now with John Fogerty. We shall see. 
16.  I have watched your video California (a few times), and am amazed at the sound, the vocals, the clarity of it all, and just the pure rock sound, is your whole album this way ?  
Actually the mix you hear on the California music video is the Andy Johns mix, which is only available as a Digital Bonus Track. Yes if you like California, you'll dig the rest of the album.  
17.  As you were growing up, was Rock always what you wanted to create ?  Did you ever think about doing any other style of music ?  
Didn't really think it out, I didn't sit down and say to myself "OK I'm going to write a rock record", I just write the way I write. The way I look at it is, if it's a good song it's a good song, no matter who does it or what genre. 
18.  When you are creating your guitar riffs, is it a hard process, or do you get some inspiration from other rockers ?
I can't deny I was influenced by other rockers. It's not really a hard process, it's more natural, I just pick up the guitar and whatever comes out, comes out. Once I come across something I like I build upon it.
19.  Do you remember the very first guitar you had, what was it, was it a toy guitar from your childhood days, or an acoustic or ?
A guy named Chuck Handy who worked at a local radio station let me borrow his Global SG Electric and I started practicing on that. 
20.  What would surprise people the most to find out about the band?

That it's not really a band, it's a project. Sorry I don't have something more interesting.

Thank so much for taking the time to do this interview with us.