APRIL 18th 2015

Review by: Lady M

Genre: HardCore Damaged Punk
Hometown: Philadelphia
Produced by:  Southern Lord Recordings

Band Members: YDI Line-up: [for A Place in The Sun]  
Mike Cole - guitar
Chuck Meehan - bass
Howard Twiggs - drums
Jackal aka Neil Perry - vocals

[for Black Dust LP]
Michael Kingnigger aka Michael Cole - guitar
Nikki Bones aka Brian Goldstein - bass
Eric Hardlonger aka Eric Peters - drums
Jackal SSexxzzombie aka Neil Perry - vocals

YDI (Why-Die) is a not very well known hardcore damaged Punk band from the early 1980's. Their over all sound can be described as frantic, damaged, hardcore, and distorted. From what I understand, the overall distorted sound that is displayed so prominently with YDI is typical of Southern Lord Recording's style, they really are going for that underground, messy, fuzzy, damaged sound..which they accomplished wholeheartedly in the demo released in 1983. Now the sound quality does improve ever so slightly with their first complete CD titled A Place In The Sun which was also released in 1983 and maintains about the same level of recording quality throughout the rest of their career. The very last 3 songs on YDI’s final album "Black Dust" LP is a lot better sound quality wise and if you are into the really grungy, frantic, damaged style of punk then you will probably really enjoy this discography.

Southern Lord Recordings is releasing a discography of all of YDI's known works in April of this year.
Track Listing:

Demo (1983)
01. Out For Blood
02. Not Shit
03. Rizzo's Coming Back
04. Another Day
05. Zombie Youth
06. Mad At The World
07. Friends
08. Categorized
09. Why Die ?
10. 1983
11. True Believer
12. Snarling Hate
13. I Killed My Family
14. Get Up And Fight
15. 8th Man

A Place In The Sun 7" (1983)
16. Not Shit
17. 1983
18. Friends
19. Mad At The World
20. Out For Blood
21. Categorized
22. Another Day
23. Get Up And Fight / Zombie Youth
24. Why Die ?
Tracks From v/a Get Off My Back LP (1983)
25. Enemy For Life
26. I Killed My Family
Black Dust LP (1985)
27. Not Without A Fight
28. Get Out
29. Soylent Green
30. Violently Green
31. Bloodletting
32. Haunted House
33. Dying Day
34. Murder Is So Sweet
35. In Ignorance
36. My Hell
37. Black Dust
38. “Evil” (unreleased Black Dust session )

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