SEPTEMBER 20th 2014
Review By: Natalie Smith
Photos By: Peter Ruttan

You Me At Six rolled into Vancouver on Saturday night to play a sold-out show at,  none other than, the Rio Theatre. The line up of fans stretched a few blocks by the time doors opened, no doubt it’s one of the largest line ups a concert at the Rio has seen in awhile. If that was to be any indication of how the show was going to be.. it was sure to be a great one.

Doors opened earlier than expected and the first band, The Downtown Fiction,  had already begun playing as fans were being let in. Resulting in a small crowd initially and people confused as soon as they walked in trying to figure everything out and buy their merch over the loud music.

By the time the time the line was finally in the venue Stars In Stereo took the stage. Not sure what everyone was expecting because even though the band tried amping up the energy in the room, it fell flat. The crowd that had gathered in the limited floor space awaiting the headliner hardly moved and seemed at some points hardly interested. Stars in Stereo put on an okay performance even if the vocals were drowned out because of the heavy reverb put on them.

Young Guns hit the stage with high energy right away that wasn’t forced and the crowd bought into it. Every single person on that staged looked like they were there to have a good time which was refreshing. At times it felt like a giant rock-dance party that had nearly everyone on their feet and jumping around. It was clear that their frontman, Gustav Wood, could work the crowd well with next to no effort. Sure the crowd was primarily teenage girls, however that didn’t change the fact that the energy in the room received a much needed boost.
The time had arrived for You Me At Six to take the spotlight and everyone was as close to the stage as they could possibly get. The second the main lights went out and the stage lights went on for the last time that night the excitement in the room felt like it was off the charts. Maybe it was because this was their first show in Vancouver in 6 years or maybe it was because people had lined up since the early morning hours.

Regardless, You Me At Six somehow managed to surpass the crowds energy levels with their own. They played with a passion that should be envied by most bands out there.  Every member of that band, no matter what pacing the current song had, looked like they were truly lost in the music and enjoying every second of it and weren’t there to just “perform”, they were there to have fun. Between their vocalist Josh using the odd stage format and levels to his advantage, asking the crowd to take off a shoe or a jacket for a song and requesting that every single person on the floor to find a seat and jump on it… it was a set full of surprises. At some points during the show fans even climbed on stage and tried to take selfies with the band members. Josh had fun with it and commentated as if was a sports game as the fans were escorted off by security or posed for a quick selfie mid-song before commenting on the weirdness of it after. Word of advise for people seeing You Me At Six on this tour, don’t sit down! You’ll be called out.

Playing at a venue that’s usually a movie theatre has got to be weird for bands because the seats cant be removed, the amount of free floor space before the stage is maybe ten feet by thirty, there is no barricade and you’re stuck with whatever minimalistic lighting they have available.  What are you going to do? Go with it. That’s exactly what You Me At Six did and it worked. They put on a truly fantastic set that left a smile on everyone’s face.