FEBRUARY 17th 2015

Review by Metal Mom

Band Members:
Λdam Carroll
Douglas Wotherspoon
Morgan Sinclair
Joe Copcutt
Jonathan Rogers

Track Listing:
1. Is Everybody Listening
2. Lonely Souls
3. Click
4. Zero Point Seven
5. Right Words
6. Innocent Eyes

Hometown: London
Record Label: Century Media Records

You may not have heard of London based band ZOAX, they only formed in 2013. In Feb. 2014, the band introduced themselves to the world with their EP "XIII", Also worth a definate listen. Then in the summer of 2014 the band went back into the recording studio for their 2nd EP "Is Everybody Listening?"

After listening though their 6 songs on the album "Is everybody Listening?" this band is definitely set on creating their own style, not following the norm, which I really like. Massive infusion of empowering groove and rhythm. Now at first, I thought oops, not for me to review, but after giving it more than 1 listen I found I really enjoyed, the vocals were not what I originally thought (screaming), there was a connection to the music that make it all flow, moulding it together in perfection. It's extremely upbeat, and making you want to listen to it over and over.

For a first time listener, to me, it definitely has some power to entertain the masses. I couldn't find any fault with what I heard. So horns high, excellent job, giving us something that is different, and given with a lot of talent. This band, I hope comes through my town, because I can imagine the energy level would be so high with this sound and charisma.

The EP will arrive via Century Media Records in February 2015